Feeling Needy

Installation during exhibition State of Cling, curated by Syzygy at Omstand, Arnhem

There is a massive need for reassurance and comfort in our world.
Cute creatures offer this and prefer to help everyone. They are ultimate pleasers. Because of their endless willingness to help others, they become weakened and damaged. The emotional support they provide is exploited.

Feeling Needy consists of a series of music sculptures. The caring dolls each play their own disturbed lullaby when you squeeze their paw. This music is composed by Thomas B├╝rger.
Their little bodies are made of buckwheat hulls and textiles, their eyes look exhausted but still sparkle because of the silver they are made of.

Feeling Needy is realized with financial support from Stroomversneller Arnhem and technical assistance from Oscar van Leest.