Dear Angelica Archangelica,

The area I grew up in is strongly characterized by big rivers. Also in later years I kept close to these veins. In the beginning of my life I lived between the rivers Waal and Rhine, then I resided close to the Rhine and now I have settled in Nijmegen, beween the Waal and river Maas. All situated in The Netherlands, in an area of roughly 300 km2.

The natural landscape in this area was created by pushed glaciers in the penultimate ice age (Saalien), 200,000 to 130,000 years ago. The ice pushed deposits of large rivers forward and to the side. After the last ice age (Weichselien), 120,000 to 10,000 years ago, the rivers formed banks because the coarser stony material was deposited near the main current.

~Angelica, I know you love these kind of rough and stony places along rivers ~

Therefor, not surprisingly, in 1935, the first that the Dutch find of you was registered at Ooij, a village just a few kilometers from Nijmegen.1 Another source says that you were used in Europe much earlier, during the Middle Ages. From of the Middle Ages, the rights to the use of the land are divided and fixed.

~ And that is why I write this for you.
I am fully aware about your effort to grow widely along the rivers.
And I, as others do, appreciate this so much. We know you expand your existence in order to make safe abortion accessible to everyone and we thank you for this. We cherish the qualities of your dried roots to help end unwanted pregnancies. We see you. And we want you to know that we feel very sorry that we didn’t stop by enough. That you weren’t a guest in our home enough.
We only want you to know that this is not our free choice.
To harvest you freely, it is necessary for land to be subject to common usage rights.
Please stay close to us.~